Planning a VIP dinner at your boss's home? Tired of the same old sandwich, chips, and cookies lunch meeting? Planning your daughter's wedding?

Sound like you? Comfort Cuisine is the only personalized-service caterer that attends to all of your needs with just one phone call. Food, beverage, flowers, rentals accompanied by our gracious staff.

Comfort Cuisine Catering

You have lots of choices for your catering needs. When you select Comfort Cuisine you will have the guarantee that we will source as many ingredients as possible from our local purveyors, creating a sustainable economy & ensuring peak freshness to our clients.

We pride ourselves in creating events that relate specifically to each client. If it's a birthday, we want to know all of your favortie foods, not ours. Have a favorite cocktail? We'll make sure that it's served to perfection. Your favorite flowers? No problem- our flower wholesaler is a magician on the side.

Lack the confidence to handle important food &wine pairings? Relax- our owner/chef was recognized as having had one of the Best New Restaurants in America by food writer John Mariani of Esquire.

Smaller events that most caterers don't want to deal with? Bring them to us.