Comfort Cuisine, llc is a customized Personal Chef & Catering Company serving the North Carolina "Triangle". We provide professional restaurant quality meals for you, your family, friends & business associates. Our goal is to allow you to deal with that thing called life & to let us do all of the necessary planning, prep, cooking & cleaning.

Great for families who want to spend more time at the dinner table, couples who want to take a little more time for the romance, or singles who just hate cooking for "one".

Comfort Cuisine specializes in ethnic foods, vegetarian, and vegan cuisine.

Business dinners where a restaurant venue doesn’t afford you the privacy you need~ either better suited for your home or off premise locales available in the area.

Menus are custom designed to fit your whims, wishes & lifestyles. Whether you need to impress your most valued clients, take off a few pounds, or just to know that there’s a great meal waiting for you at home that you didn’t have to shop for then cook~
Comfort Cuisine is there for you.

Chef Maggie Radzwiller, owner, has been recognized in The New York Times, Southern Living, Esquire Magazine, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, USA Today, Duke Magazine, The News & Observer, The Durham Herald & The Independent Weekly.