Many can be made vegan

Please know that we have many more selections

Tuscan Minestrone V

Crabmeat gazpacho GF

Lobster & corn chowder GF

Oyster & corn chowder GF

Grilled corn chowder with black beans V/GF

Mexican corn & green chile chowder V/GF

Curried chicken & fuji apple GF

Artichoke, white bean & fennel V/GF

Exotic mushroom with white truffle crema GF

English pea, cucumber & yogurt with wasabi & mint GF

Cuban style black bean with sherry & crema GF

Roasted pumpkin with Thai green curry & coconut V/GF

Chinese style vegetables with shredded chicken & rice noodles GF


Salads, either as a starter or as a luncheon entree

Many more options available



Wedge salad GF

Greek shrimp salad GF

"Black  & Blue" salad GF

Chinese "faux" chicken salad V

Signature Chopped vegetable salad V/GF

Southwestern or traditional Caesar

Tri-color quinoa with seasonal berries V/GF

Orzo or quinoa with feta, kalamata olives & mint (quinoa-GF)

Shaved fennel, ruby red grapefruit & grilled red onions V/GF

Multi colored beets with seasonal greens & goat cheese GF